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Diane Fisher was an excellent help throughout my college application process. She gave me useful pointers and advice while I was writing my general essay and answering college-specific long form questions. She even helped me assemble a portfolio. Diane is more than just a writing coach; her knowledge of admissions departments allowed her to help me stand out in the crowd of college applicants.


                                                                                                                                                     Emerson College Student

" Thanks again for all your wonderful help with my college applications and essays!  To be honest, I was resistant at first to your help because I was stupidly and stubbornly holding onto the idea that I could do it alone.  I have never been more wrong!  You made me a better writer and a smarter applicant. I will use the lessons I learned from you throughout college."

                                                                                                                                     — University of  Vermont Student

"Diane, thank you so much! My daughter was accepted to all five schools she applied to: UGA, Clemson, Alabama, FSU and Auburn. She is now a freshman at UGA, her first choice, and I feel your work helped get her there. I would encourage families to avail themselves of your services sooner rather than later.  By working with you in her sophomore year, my daughter made schedule changes and had increased motivation that ultimately got her into a school that is a perfect fit for her. You also have the added advantage of not being her parent, so your words hold a little more weight;) Thank you again!"

                                                                         — Mother of a Norcross High School/ University of Georgia Student

"Diane worked with my daughter this past year. She was very accessible and reasonably priced. Working with her allowed my daughter to feel more confident that the applications she submitted were an expression of her best self."


                                                                                     — Mother of a Druid Hills High School/Georgia Tech Student

"Diane’s greatest talent by far, is her ability to coax out of our children their true ambition and personal quest as she sits down with them for coffee. It is a most remarkable feat as you drop off your skeptical child and pick up an inspired young adult, newly enabled with practical answers and clearly defined goals. An hour later ?!?! This is an essential step that is too often overlooked as we place most of our focus on all of the checkboxes that need to be completed on this daunting task of helping our children apply to college. The “Diane Effect” is that the process becomes authentic. Your child’s voice will shine through in the essays. His or her temperament, interests, and choices will become part of the process and will honor who he or she seeks to become. For the recipient of these materials, the difference is obvious. The application is not one of the many contrived expected answers, but a sincere representation of this applicants’ academic and personal assets. Over the years, my family and many of my closest acquaintances have had the privilege of this priceless gift Diane has to offer. For this, we are eternally grateful."

                               — Mother of Norcross High School/ Georgetown University & Boston University Students

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