Individualized Support


While some students want a comprehensive package of support, many need specifically focused assistance.  Most of my services are performed for an hourly rate.  Some more popular services are bundled into packages.  I will work with families to provide assistance in the way that works best for the student.

Most Popular Services

Introduction to the College Admissions Process

For those approaching the admission process for the first time, I give an overview including:

  • The college timetable

  • Testing requirements

  • The parts of the application and how they are used for evaluation

Selecting the Right Colleges

Creating a list of colleges that will provide a student with excellent educational options is our goal.  I assist students in creating a list of colleges that will meet a student's interests and academic credentials.

College Essay Coaching

The essays for college applications are an opportunity for a student to share meaningful information about themselves with the colleges.  I work with students to brainstorm essay topics that reflect their unique stories and review their writing for grammar, tone, and content. 

College Application Review

The Application is the vehicle for a student to communicate their unique self to the Admission Committee.  I work with students to ensure that the information that needs to be conveyed about their life experiences and academic endeavors is presented in a favorable manner.

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