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College Admission Resources & COVID-19

Resources to help you stay updated on how COVID-19 is impacting college admissions this year.


  1. College Admission Status Update Tool (NACAC) - The National Association for College Admission Counseling has created a tool that compiles campus changes to college admission due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  2. College Reopening Plans (Fall 2020) - A group of students are updating this resource, by college, that details how schools are planning to re-open, and whether they are planning for in-person or remote instruction or some form of hybrid.

  3. Pack: A student-created site that’s tracking colleges’ reopening plans for this fall, plus how many Coronavirus cases each campus has. 




  1. Virtual College Tours Master Spreadsheet: This resource, coordinated by Rebecca Chabrow and crowdsourced by college counselors and colleges, includes links to virtual tours for nearly a thousand colleges. It’s a great quick-reference resource that links to schools’ official YouTube channels, plus CampusReel, YOUniversityTV, and YouVisit pages for hundreds of colleges.

  2. This master spreadsheet of virtual college admissions events. Kelly Fraser at Green Apple College compiled this spreadsheet listing virtual college admissions events and opportunities being hosted by hundreds of colleges. It can save you from having to sort through each college’s website.

  3. CampusReel tours are led by current students, usually on their phone (selfie-style), so you get invited right into their dorm room, classroom, or dining hall.



Fall 2021 Test Optional Schools - A list of schools de-emphasizing SAT/ACT scores in the 2021 admissions cycle.

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